The Best Way to RTL Websites with Sass!

RTL Websites with Sass


In English, the aligning of the text start at left and ends at right, but in Semitic languages it is opposite, the aligning of the text starts at right and ends at left.

How to Start?

First: Create two config files _direction-ltr.scss and _direction-rtl.scss .

/*** LTR websites ***/
$direction :ltr;
$opposite-direction :rtl;

$start-direction :left;
$end-direction :right;

$transform-direction :1;
/*** RTL websites ***/
$direction :rtl;
$opposite-direction :ltr;

$start-direction :right;
$end-direction :left;

$transform-direction :-1;

How to import the directions files?

Add two new main files in the root directory, main-ltr.scss & main-rtl.scss.

@import "config-directions/_direction-ltr.scss";
@import "_main.scss";
@import "config-directions/_direction-rtl.scss";
@import "_main.scss";

How to use the variables?

CSS Directions & text-align:

direction: $direction;
text-align: $start-direction;
position: absolute;
#{$start-direction}: 50%;
margin-#{$end-direction}: 10px;
padding-#{$start-direction}: 10px;
border-#{$end-direction}-width: 2px;
float: $start-direction;
transform: translateX(200px * $transform-direction);


That’s it! We made an easy and convenient method to RTL websites.

direction: $direction;
text-align: $start-direction;
padding-#{$end-direction}: 10px;
direction: ltr;
text-align: left;
padding-right: 10px;
direction: rtl;
text-align: right;
padding-left: 10px;


That’s all, You now have an easy way to RTL websites.



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