CSS has acquired a number of new features in recent years, allowing us to reset the CSS more succinctly than before. What’s more, now in 2021 all
those CSS features have broad support in all the evergreen browsers. …

Understanding the Default Behavior of Styles in Our Browsers

When you start creating a new website, even before writing a single style, the browser applies styles to it — its default styles.

Have you ever asked yourself who decides what those basic default styles will be?

In this article, I want to teach you and show you the different…

Future of CSS

Digging in the w3c specs can reveal many exciting features. Although some of them don’t have browser support yet, we can at least learn what new features we can expect soon.

One of the new features is the new image() function. This new function will give us more control over…

Elad Shechter

CSS & HTML Expert

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